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Look at the faces. There is Silas Ralston, the sheriff of Gallatin County, shot and killed in 1878 while trying to stop a quarrel in a Bozeman…

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Here is a list of the letters from Comstock that we have published in the last year, including date and subject:

(Our news clerk, who inputs our letters, includes this information with every letter, so you are seeing what I see.)

Last LTE printed – 6.6 Mike Comstock_…


We do keep close track of our policy that limits letters to one every 30 days. We sometimes bend those rules a day or two, depending on the amount of letters we have waiting to be published, and that's what happened in this instance. Comstock's last letter published on June 6.


I apologize for any confusion about how our online meter works. This story, which appeared in today's printed version of the Chronicle, is indeed part of our metered content. All other updates posted to our website throughout the day, however, have not been metered.

We agree…