Stars of American Ballet at The Lensic

Photo courtesy of Stars of American Ballet

Stars of American Ballet performers are coming to Bozeman on Friday, June 21.

On Friday, June 21, Montana Ballet Company will host the world-renowned dancers of Stars of American Ballet for a special, one night only performance. Seven performers from the New York City Ballet will perform "Connections," an evening-long variety performance, and MBC dancers will open the show with a short performance. 

"We're beyond thrilled," said Elizabeth DeFanti, MBC's artistic executive director. "How special for Montana Ballet Company and the community to have the Stars of American Ballet principals and soloists." 

Montana Ballet Company has a historical connection to Stars of American Ballet by way of New York City Ballet. Years ago, MBC founder Ann Bates created a similar program, called "NY Connection," where artists from New York City Ballet came to Bozeman during the summertime to perform and teach. DeFanti said she drew inspiration from "NY Connection" to create "Connections 2019," which is planned to be an annual event. The inaugural "Connections" will be the final performance in the local company's 35th anniversary season. 

"This is a representation of one of the best ballet companies in the world," said Alicia Singer, community relations director for MBC. "It's the Michael Jordan of ballet...the cream of the crop." 

Singer, a dancer herself, said the opportunity to learn from and watch such skilled performers is a rare opportunity for dancers in the area. When she was in high school, Singer had to raise money to go to New York to take master classes from dancers of the same caliber as Stars of American Ballet. But thanks to "Connections," Bozeman's aspiring ballerinas can learn from the greats without the high price. 

"People say there's no such thing as perfection," said Singer. "Then you see New York City ballet." 

"Connections" will take place Friday, June 21, at 7 p.m. at the Willson Auditorium. Tickets and more information on the performance are available at