Drink beer and make the place you live better. That’s the idea organizers are pushing for the third annual Bozeman Craft Beer Week slated to start Saturday.

The event sponsored by Fermantana and co-presented by Sidewinders American Grill stretches across town, featuring a variety of events each day at different locations. Competitions, giveaways and new beer releases will be held throughout the week.

Jesse Bussard and Loy Maierhauser, co-founders of Fermantana and the beer week, said the event is a way to celebrate the city’s growing craft beer scene and give back. People come together around beer to celebrate accomplishments and commiserate problems, Bussard explained. The gathering is a way to build community, she said, adding that we could take it a step further.

“Bozeman Craft Beer Week came out of a desire to figure out a way to bring the beer community together, but also to help use beer for good,” Bussard said.

A portion of the proceeds from Craft Beer Week will be donated to the Bozeman Area Community Foundation, a nonprofit that connects donors to causes. Prices for entry to events vary from free to $75. The event raises funds for the nonprofit through beer week merchandise, tickets from select events and sales of the beer week’s special beer.

It also raises money through sales of a $10 beer week passport book that guides participants through the week with a list of the events happening at different locations. Participants could also get their book stamped to show what breweries, bars or restaurants they had been to — like a real passport.

A dozen brewers formulated a special IPA recipe for this year’s beer that was brewed and canned at Outlaw Brewing. The recipe includes six different hops and ingredients from Gallatin Valley Malt and Crooked Yard Hops. Bussard said the brainstorm session also included farmers who grew hops for the beverage. Bussard said the brewers wanted to take the best of east and west coast hop varieties commonly used, and bring them together to create something different. The beer has a smooth and creamy feel, as well as a citrus-y taste with hints of orange and grapefruit. They called the beer County 6: The People’s IPA, a reference to Gallatin County’s license plate designation.

“We wanted to really tie in that this was a Gallatin County beer,” Bussard said.

Maierhauser said craft beer week has something for everyone. From goat races to master classes that teach beer drinkers how to properly taste the fermented beverages to a beer-pairing dinner, she said, the vibe is whatever you want it to be.

The Bay, she said, will host the beer tasting master class to provide an educational aspect to the week. A description of the event found in the beer week’s passport, a guide to the week’s events, said brewers will teach blind tasting, what “tasting notes” means and which ingredients make certain flavors in beers. There will also be a beer tasting competition “for prizes and glory” at the event.

It's fun to have new events popping up every year, Maierhauser said, but the craft beer week is developing some of its own traditions. This year will also be the third annual stein holding competition at Bridger Brewing and Beer Olympics hosted by True Spirit CrossFit and Yoga. Bozeman Brewing will host its second beer mile run this year, where participants run a mile chugging a beer every quarter of it.

“My advice would be to go to an event that you are curious about but might be outside your comfort zone,” she said.

Maierhauser said craft beer week is the time to try something that you’ve always wanted to do. She and Bussard encouraged event hosts to think outside the box when planning events for the week, she said.

“That’s how we end up with so many unique, cool events,” Maierhauser said.

At the week’s conclusion, Bussard said, a drawing will be held for prizes like Pelican coolers wrapped with the beer week’s logo and gift cards from event sponsors, among others. The grand prize is a two-tap kegerator with a year’s supply of carbon dioxide.

“It’s like one of the freaking dopest grand prizes ever,” Bussard said.

To enter the drawing, buy a beer week passport book online or at select event sponsors like Map Brewing and Sidewinders. Page 31 of the book serves as your entry to the drawing, and can be dropped off to any beer week volunteer at any event.

The week kicks off Saturday in the parking lot between the Market and Sidewinders off Huffine Lane. There will be live music by The Lazy Owl String Band, beer and a chance to buy beer week merchandise. It ends the following Saturday.

“There’s eight days in my beer week,” Bussard said.

For more information on the event or to purchase a beer week passport book online, visit www.bozemancraftbeerweek.com.

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