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There is so much to learn from the parables of Jesus! So much to discover! Jesus shared parables with his disciples in a most appealing way. It was his intention that the disciples apply their minds in meaningful ways — to wrestle with hidden truths. They would look at things from several angles and really try to identify and embrace the treasures set before them.

Think of seed parables. Seeds are planted. They grow. The plants are harvested, providing nourishment and resources. The seeds that come from the plants are planted — and more growth begins. The process is repeated.

In God’s kingdom seeds are planted, they grow, lots of growth, harvest, and continued seed planting — all of it for the benefit of those whose lives are enhanced by what grows.

We must appreciate the ordinary and that the ordinary is not always what it seems. Perhaps when we are looking for God, we neglect the ordinary and actually miss God. We are fooled into thinking God can only be found in the grand and glorious. But no. God can even be found in a little mustard seed. God is so wondrous that even the ordinary is sacred. Ordinary days, ordinary places, ordinary people. In faith, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

We know all about what it takes to produce a beautiful garden: tilling the soil, watering the ground, rain, sunshine, pulling out the weeds, and so on. And that’s all well and good. But sometimes we forget about the most basic thing needed to produce a beautiful flower or vegetable in our garden, and that is the seed! Everything is packed into that seed! There would be no peony or rose, no cucumber or tomato, no plant or growth of any kind, unless there was first the seed!

So look to the seed when you want to know how God’s garden grows. God has packed everything needed for producing beautiful fruit in our lives — he has packed it into the seed that he sows. And what is the seed? The seed is the Word of God! Jesus Christ!

How does your garden grow? By Jesus Christ being planted in the soil of your soul, week after week, day after day, hour after hour. How do we care for that soil? How do we see that it is rich with nutrients? The indwelling of the Holy Spirit, fed and sustained by Sacraments, Holy Scripture, Christian fellowship and Prayer. God’s garden grows only in one way, and that is through God’s living Word — Jesus. The word rightly preached and taught and lived.

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