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The Bozeman Police Department reports for Thursday included the following:  

  • Officers responded to a report about a party and found there to be fewer than 10 people talking loudly in a residence. The group was asked to quiet down. 
  • A caller reported a dog roaming around a park and chasing ducks. 
  • Officers conducted several chicken coop inspections. 
  • A caller reported a loud pickup without mufflers driving up and down the street. Officers weren't able to locate the vehicle. 

Officers responded to 137 calls. 

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office reports for Thursday included the following: 

  • A man accidentally dialed 911 and then hung up. When deputies called him back, he said there was no emergency but that his game of golf wasn't going as well as he wanted. 
  • A caller reported 30 or 40 people gathered in a park and not social distancing. Deputies found a group of about 30 and informed them of social distancing guidelines. 
  • A caller reported a moose running around in a subdivision. Deputies found a bull moose lying on someone's property and advised the caller that the property owners could move it along when they returned. 
  •  Someone called with concerns about cars blocking traffic for some sort of gathering. A deputy had already been dispatched. 

Deputies responded to 112 calls. 

The Gallatin County Jail held 121 inmates Friday. 

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