The Bozeman Police Department reports for Wednesday included the following:

• Someone moved cones on a road. A caller reported they were worried it might cause an accident. An officer moved the cones back.

• A caller reported a construction company dumped doors, shelves and blinds without permission.

• A gun was on the road. A caller reported it fell out of a car.

• A black cub was crawling on the side of the road and was trying to get under a guardrail.

• A caller reported hearing 10 shots that were likely fireworks. An officer warned people for setting off fireworks.

• Officers responded to 127 calls.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office reports for Wednesday included the following:

• A homeowner’s association board member reported a hot air balloon landed on their property. An officer warned the pilot for criminal trespass.

• A man wanted to retrieve his car but was expecting a confrontation. The man requested a deputy come with him to get the car.

• A black bear was on a trail. A caller said they were concerned someone could get hurt.

• A man wanted to know how to get rid of gunpowder and ammunition. A deputy told the man he could sell it.

• A caller requested more patrol checks because of speeding cars. The man said he’s been yelling at speeding cars and will “take things into his own hands” if there are no checks.

• A caller reported a neighbor continues stacking stuff against his fence.

• Five people were naked and drinking on someone's property.

• Deputies responded to 138 calls.

The Gallatin County jail held 171 inmates Wednesday.

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