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The Bozeman Police Department reports for Tuesday included the following:

• Several people were “hooting and getting drunk.” An officer warned a party for loud noises.

• An officer warned a juvenile for an off-leash puppy. The officer helped capture it with a dog treat.

• A man wanted to know what charges he’d face if he burned his and others confederate flags. The man was told he could destroy his own property “until his little heart was content.”

• Someone reported a bike that “looks free” was on the side of a road. The caller wanted permission to take it. An officer told the caller to leave the bike and that it was probably not free.

• Officers responded to 140 calls.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office reports for Tuesday included the following:

• Three horses were on a road. A deputy was unable to find the horses.

• A deputy stopped for a man taking photos of hot air balloons. The man did not need help.

• A caller who previously reported someone stole patio furniture reported the perpetrators came back for the remaining two chairs and a table.

• The driver of an RV left the scene of an incident involving a government vehicle near Yellowstone National Park. A deputy found the RV in the chamber of commerce parking lot.

• People had a hot tub party.

• Deputies responded to 122 calls.

The Gallatin County jail held 134 inmates Wednesday.

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