The Bozeman Police Department reports for Tuesday included the following:

• A caller reported finding a lot of blood on the floor. An officer found the blood was from a man who reported he cut his foot.

• The president of an HOA reported an abandoned car in a lot. The woman wanted officers to run the license plates before she had the car towed.

• A caller reported a roommate was punching holes in halls and locked the caller out of their house.

• Officers responded to people arguing over a parking space.

• Officers responded to 128 calls.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office reports for Tuesday included the following:

• A deputy warned a driver for being a hazard to other drivers by driving under 30 mph.

• Someone reported being concerned about coronavirus.

• A woman reported a friend left Montana several times against a court order.

• A caller reported a skier was drunk and refused to show ski patrol his pass. Deputies warned the man for disorderly conduct after they found his ski pass was suspended.

• Someone had questions about being a felon and owning a gun.

• Deputies responded to 114 calls.

The Gallatin County jail held 132 inmates Wednesday.

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