The Bozeman Police Department reports for Wednesday included the following:

• An officer warned a driver for driving with no driver’s license and no headlights.

• A caller said they applied for a job with the Bozeman Police Department and wanted to know more about the hiring process.

• A caller reported a woman doing her makeup while she was driving.

• A drunk man reaching for a bottle of booze fell off a bench.

• Officers responded to 128 calls.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office reports for Wednesday included the following:

• A caller reported a large golden retriever sits in the middle of a road and chases cars while barking.

• A deputy mentored a student.

• Someone reported people playing loud music at a house. The people there turned down the music and apologized to a deputy.

• Deputies responded to 119 calls.

The Gallatin County jail held 129 inmates Thursday.

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