The Bozeman Police Department reports for Thursday included the following:

• A conductor reported a man jumped on a train. The man told officers he was checking out the “power” of the trains.

• A caller had questions about city and park curfews.

• A blond boy riding a motorized scooter ran a stop sign and almost hit a caller.

• A store patron reported young boys hanging around, acting weird, at a store after closing.

• A man reported fireworks going off. The man said he has had issues with people sneaking into his yard and setting them off.

• A scooter almost caused a crash.

• Officers responded to 150 calls.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office reports for Thursday included the following:

• Two horses were loose.

• A deputy answered questions about recreational use of a road and disorderly conduct.

• Someone stole 25 bales of hay from a stack.

• A caller reported a man was spraying cars with a water hose for driving too fast down a road.

• Someone was breaking into a house. A caller reported the person was trying to take screens off windows and tried picking locks. Deputies found the person to be a roommate who lost his keys.

• Deputies responded to 102 calls.

The Gallatin County jail held 156 inmates Friday.


Freddy Monares covers politics and county government for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.