The Bozeman Police Department reports for Monday included the following:

• A woman reported a dog she recently adopted had been in a pond chasing ducks for 45 minutes. The woman said she was worried the dog would drown. The dog got out of the pond.

• An officer gave a police dog presentation to a preschool.

• Someone wanted to complain about how a situation was handled.

• A man was warned for driving through a park to find shade.

• A caller wanted an officer to cite two cyclists riding on the sidewalk. The man was advised officers were busy with an emergency.

• A man complained about cones his neighbor puts on a road. The man said they block traffic and his truck can’t fit through them.

• Someone found a bloody note.

• Officers responded to 174 calls.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office reports for Monday included the following:

• Deputies helped a lost driver.

• A cow was on the side of the road.

• A caller reported seeing a gun fall off a car bumper.

• Someone had questions about inheriting a gun and registering it under his name. The man was told if he wanted the gun registered under his name he had to do it in a different state.

• A manager accused a woman’s sons of stealing slushies. The manager was not at work and couldn’t provide video until the next day.

• Deputies responded to 136 calls.

The Gallatin County jail held 156 inmates Tuesday.


Freddy Monares covers politics and county government for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.