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The Bozeman Police Department reports for Friday included the following:

• A caller said three people in dark clothing were trying to get inside an automotive shop. 

• Officers spoke to a government class.

• A window had a what appeared to be bullet hole in it and two porta potties were tipped over, a caller reported. Officers determined that the glass was likely hit by a rock.

• Officers helped two gym class.

• Someone's vehicle was left in a handicapped parking spot in front of a leasing office. The vehicle's owner had been arrested, a caller reported. Officers tried and failed to move the vehicle and a property manager called for a tow truck.

• A caller was worried about her safety after giving her address to a scammer impersonating the police department.

• Someone accidentally called police while driving a forklift.

• Officers arrested someone for stealing alcohol from a store and hiding it in a bush.

• Someone accidentally called police while mowing their lawn.

• A caller requested police after they saw liquor store employees drinking while parked. The caller's boss had a confrontation with one of the employees and the man tried to fight him. Both parties left the area, and police warned them for being childish.

• Some people at a party were playing loud music and flipping off a caller's parents and wife, the caller said. About 20 people at the party were on a roof.

• A caller asked police about new concealed carry laws.

• A group of children were spotted throwing cupcakes at vehicles. They were gone by the time officers arrived.

• Someone was playing "horrible electric guitar" in a public area. The musician was warned for playing loud, amplified music.

• Officers responded to 138 calls.

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office reports for Friday were not made available.

The Gallatin County jail held 142 people Saturday.

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