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The Bozeman Police Department reports for Tuesday included the following:

· Alarms in a business were going off. The alarm company was having problems and a technician was on the way to fix the issue.

· A woman reported that a husky was running around in a park without an owner and had been for about an hour. She called again to let law enforcement know that she decided to take the dog to an animal shelter.

· A caller had reported graffiti with her phone number on it and said it was still visible after law enforcement had covered it. She asked if it was possible to cover it up better. She was given information on how to change her number.

· A man wanted law enforcement to inspect the VIN on a vehicle to confirm it wasn’t stolen. The vehicle’s VIN was checked and it was not reported as stolen.

· Officers responded to 134 calls.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office reports for Tuesday included the following:

· Two roommates exchanged punches after one who was intoxicated woke the other up to ask if he could use his pipe. The drunk roommate didn’t remember much of the incident and neither wanted to press charges.

· A caller wanted to file a complaint against a garbage truck service for using his driveway to turn around.

· Someone had concerns about a barn that was falling down blocking the roadway and that kids might burn the barn. Deputies responded and found the barn, though it wasn’t blocking the road and there were no people or vehicles in the area.

· Deputies responded to 128 calls.

The Gallatin County Detention Center held 144 people Tuesday.

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