We Don't Make This Stuff Up

The Very Best of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle Police Reports

Second Edition!
40 pages of new content, plus the old favorites from the 1st edition

In the late 1970s, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle began publishing each day the police reports from our community, called the "blotter" to those in the newsroom.

Since then, the reports have become somewhat renown as not-to-be-missed, often laugh-out-loud reading for Chronicle followers, those locally and those scattered around the globe. Turns out, some pretty funny -- if occasionally unbelievable -- stuff happens here in our fair town.

This second edition of "We Don't Make This Stuff Up" comprises all of the popular first edition, 40 pages of new content and favorites like these:

A group of women flagged down an officer at 1:55 a.m. because a newlywed in the group had to cross "flirt with a cop" off of her bucket list. She was warned. -- Aug. 24, 2013
A man's partner physically assaulted him after he refused to cuddle. -- May 27, 2013
Several people were arguing over horses being tied up to a bike rack outside a bar on Main Street. -- May 21, 2012
A man wanted to speak to an officer regarding laws about marrying cousins and family members. He said he is having trouble meeting women. -- Aug. 8, 2012
A caller reported her neighbor's light was shining in her kitchen window. She asked that the dispatcher send the "tall, dark-haired, nice" officer to investigate. -- July 28, 2010
A husband and wife had an argument. The wife later took some cash from the house. The husband said he was planning to use the cash to pay bills; the wife said she was planning to use it to hire a lawyer. -- April 6, 2008

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