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The Bozeman Police Department reports for Monday included the following:

· A man reported that he found a lost fanny pack and wanted to know what he should do with it. The man gave the fanny pack to an officer.

· A caller reported that two people were doing drugs in a vehicle. Officers responded and found that two people with valid Montana medical marijuana cards were smoking marijuana in a parked car. The officer reminded the two not to drive after smoking and advised them to find a new smoke spot.

· A doorknob fell off of a door in a house and locked people inside. Officers responded to help let the people out of the room.

· A five-year-old was playing with a phone in a hotel room and called 911. There was no emergency.

· Officers responded to 126 calls.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office reports for Monday included the following:

· A person who had recently bought a vehicle called to ask if a K9 could sniff the vehicle to make sure there are no drugs in it from the previous owner. Deputies advised the person to call back when a K9 unit is available.

· A young bear was roaming around a construction area.

· A caller reported that they saw what they believed to be smoke between Crosscut and Bridger Bowl. Deputies checked the area and didn’t see smoke, but did see a lot of dust from logging. The caller was notified that the smoke was actually dust.

· A person reported a fire that was in violation of the county burning ordinances. A deputy responded and found a man putting out a smoldering fire with a hose. The deputy talked to the man about recreational burn restrictions.

· Deputies responded to 149 calls.

The Gallatin County Detention Center held 123 people on Tuesday.

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