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The Bozeman Police Department reports for Sunday included the following:

· A caller reported that a semitrailer was parked near a business. An officer responded and determined that the driver of the semi had likely parked it there to sleep for the night. The officer didn’t try to wake the driver.

· A man accidentally called 911 while trying to turn off an alarm on his phone.

· A woman reported that two friendly dogs had found their way into her yard. She gave law enforcement permission to give the owner her address so they could come pick up the dogs. The owner said one of the dogs has learned how to open a gate, but he will fix it soon.

· A man reported that he believed his car was stolen from the mall parking lot. Law enforcement located the man's car in the parking lot he believed it to be stolen from.

· Officers responded to 98 calls.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office reports for Sunday included the following:

· A person reported that her name and photo was being used on a fictitious Instagram account. The account had already been reported to Instagram. Law enforcement took a report.

· A caller requested extra patrols for people being at a remote cul-de-sac late at night. The caller wanted to make sure that the people were not causing problems.

· A woman was trying to fix her phone, which had a frozen screen, and accidentally activated the emergency SOS mode. Deputies responded to the residence to confirm that there was no emergency.

· A property owner called law enforcement to report that he had heard that teenagers were having a bonfire on his property. Deputies responded and found that several teenagers were on the property. The deputy explained that they couldn't have a fire there and made sure they cleaned up any garbage and put out the fire entirely before leaving.

· Deputies responded to 72 calls.

The Gallatin County Detention Center held 116 people on Monday.

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