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The Bozeman Police Department reports for Wednesday included the following:

· A caller reported a bear cub ran across a road near a school. Officers responded but were not able to locate the animal.

· A dog water fountain had been vandalized.

· A man was warned for yelling at his computer in his truck and disturbing those around him.

· A caller reported that several underaged kids were drinking inside a building. Officers warned the five or six kids for possessing alcohol while underage.

· Officers responded to 127 calls.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office reports for Wednesday included the following:

· An officer talked to a person about a dispute between neighbors. One neighbor was upset that the other neighbor’s newly constructed home was blocking the view. The dispute is going to civil court.

· A woman called 911 by accident while riding a horse.

· A caller reported a dog locked in a car. Deputies responded and found that the dog was locked in the car, but the car’s air conditioner was running and the dog did not appear to be in distress.

· A person reported what they believed to be multiple gunshots in rapid succession. Deputies responded and made contact with a neighbor, who confirmed that the sounds were fireworks, not gunshots.

· Deputies responded to 142 calls.

The Gallatin County Detention Center held 122 people on Thursday.

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