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A caller reported someone playing drums in a basement. Officers warned the tenant for loud music.

A woman dropped celery on her phone while shopping at the grocery store and activated an emergency call. 

A caller reported bear scat in their yard. Officers told them to leave the bear alone. 

Someone reported seeing a truck with a dog inside and was concerned for the dog's wellbeing. Officers responded and found that the engine was running with the air conditioning on. 

A woman called to ask if she could take three floating devices, a 12-pack and a bottle of whiskey that had been at a fishing access for hours with nobody around. She was advised that she could take the items if there was no contact information on them, but if someone else called looking for them, that law enforcement would contact her and facilitate the return of it. 

A woman called to report a hot air balloon landing where she didn't think it should. 

A man wanted deputies to scare his son into behaving. Deputies told him they can't scare the son but would be willing to talk to him about ways to calm down. 

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