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A person reported that a German shepherd poops their lawn “all the time.” The dog in question was not on the scene. 

Someone driving a motorcycle dropped their phone, but was able to recover it.

A man travelling home to Alaska wanted to know if he could light off fireworks because he could not bring them home. He was informed that fireworks are outlawed in the area.

A person’s tight pants accidentally called 911.

Some campers were setting up shop where they weren’t supposed to. “They’re not doing anything bad, no campfire,” a deputy said.

A nice white rental suburban was left on the side of Reeves Road. A deputy reported that the vehicle looked out of place because it was nice, and just left there.

An unhappy looking bobcat was discovered in an enclosure. The caller was concerned for the animal’s wellbeing and said that others on the property believed it was “not as fed as much as it should be.” A deputy reported that the bobcat appeared in good shape.

Someone may have let the dogs out. A caller reported four dogs — a long haired retriever, two dachshunds and a shih tzu — were at large, barking and roaming. No dogs were on the scene when a deputy arrived.

Mysterious dumping occurred in a man’s trashcan for the past couple of weeks. It's unknown who is behind the unauthorized use.

A cat was reported hanging out in a person’s yard who is highly allergic. Attempts to call the cat's owner were made with no response. A live trap was left by animal control with the hopes of snaring the feline.

A travelling couple reported a diamond fell out of their ring, potentially while they were bagging groceries.

A call was accidentally made from an Apple watch. The caller was trying to reset their watch and apologized for the mix up.

A caller accidentally hit the SOS feature on their phone.

Around 30 black angus cattle were loose on railroad tracks. The fence along the track was downed in numerous spots. A voicemail was left with a livestock agent informing them of the situation.

A purse left behind at a café by a travelling couple has not been shipped back to them. It has been three weeks. A deputy tried to check the café, but it is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

A wallet was left at the Big Sky Sheriff’s Office door. The owner was notified.

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