On a hot, cloudless day, cars filled the parking lot at Glen Lake Rotary Park. Towels, backpacks and blankets cluttered the beach, and kayaks, tubes and paddleboards floated on the water.

Eli Frisil and Gavin Derleth came to shore on the paddleboard they’d bought a few days before. They had spent the afternoon exploring the pond and occasionally pushing each other off the paddleboard into the water. As they rinsed the sand off their paddleboard and carried it up the beach to the car, they made plans to fit in more days at Glen Lake while the weather remained warm.

Frisil and Derleth are among the dozens of people who head out to Glen Lake Rotary Park with their paddleboards during the summer months. For most, it’s a way to stay cool and find a little adventure close to Bozeman.

“It’s another way to have fun in the summer,” Frisil said.

The two friends got into paddleboarding after trying it a few times on borrowed paddleboards. It wasn’t difficult to teach themselves how to balance and stay aboard, they said.

Bozeman makes it easy — there are a few paddleboarding spots close to town, many stores sell and rent the boards and some offer lessons. Those looking for an added challenge can even take paddleboard yoga classes.

Corina Amundson and Jasmine Fabian often paddleboard at Glen Lake. They took it up a few years ago and go to Glen Lake several times each summer. They’ve occasionally ventured to other areas, like Hyalite Reservoir, but usually stick to Glen Lake, which is warm enough for their favorite part of paddleboarding — dunking each other.

After a few hours on the water, the two sat in the shade eating a snack and looking at the lake where a few people had tied a giant inflatable flamingo and an inner tube to their paddleboard and were slowly rowing their way to shore.

“It’s definitely a great option for getting out in the water,” Amundson said.

Kristin Juliar is a Glen Lake regular. She comes out a couple of times each week to paddle around. She became interested in paddleboarding 10 years ago after seeing people doing it in Hawaii. When she returned to Bozeman, she tried it and immediately loved it.

“It’s very peaceful and good exercise,” she said.

Typically, Juliar stands on the board and paddles, making laps around the lake. Sometimes, she takes her grandchildren out, and they all pile on, using the paddleboard as a giant flotation device.

As Juliar packed up her board and paddle on a recent afternoon, a group of friends made their way down Bozeman Beach from the parking lot. They set up towels, snacks and a beachball by the water before taking out a pump to inflate a couple of their paddleboards.

One of them, Kyah Hegreberg, comes to Glen Lake about once a month with friends or family. She first went paddleboarding four years ago with her stepdad in Idaho and has been doing it ever since.

“I was a lot smaller then, so it was harder to paddle, but I still liked it,” she said.

Now, she and her friends push each other into the water, explore Glen Lake and experiment with how many of them can fit onto a single board — the record is eight.

“It’s just fun,” she said.

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