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Last year Republicans across several states filed a lawsuit to invalidate the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Recently Trump filed a brief urging the Supreme Court to side with the Republicans and eliminate the ACA.

Steve Daines has offered only token comments about the importance of reforming our health care legislation. On numerous occasions he’s voted to repeal the ACA. He never has offered ideas on what should take the place of the ACA, nor has he offered any solution for the 150,000 Montanans who rely on the ACA for their health care insurance and to protect them against claims being denied because of pre-existing conditions.

Daines has had many chances to show that he cares about Montanans more than his party bosses and special interests. He could have against the repeal of the ACA. He could have supported one of the proposed bills to improve the ACA. Instead, he’s offered typical politician double speak that amounts to nothing.

Now Daines is facing someone, Gov. Steve Bullock, who for eight years has fought for better health care for Montanans. It’s time to rid ourselves of Daines and send someone to Washington who will represent Montanans rather than party bosses in D.C.

Lyndy Caine


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