With new residents and tourists, Bozeman has increased traffic. A stop sign means stop, look and proceed with caution. "Stop" does not mean roll through an intersection and accelerate. We were injured and new Subaru Forester totaled in a crash on Jan. 17, 2018. We will never fully recover. This was on Frontage Road and Valley Center, which will now have a traffic light soon.

But traffic light needs to be taken seriously. Red means "stop." I see cars going through red lights all the time. Cars in left turn lane keep turning after the light is red. On Oak/North Seventh and Oak/19th, up to four cars turn left against the red light.

Court costs are cheap compared with medical bills from injuries. The suffering from the injuries is beyond description. The court and Bozeman Health ER experiences were just more trauma.

I implore every driver to obey the laws. Drive responsibly.

Katherine Vogel