In the many autopsies of the Democratic “debates,” the media have ignored — or made fun of — Marianne Williamson who was brains and emotions ahead of the pack in terms of what’s really wrong with America. Her points are what this country should be collectively addressing — in more debates, if that’s what passes for the new public square. That she sounds like a New Age guru and that she is doing so during a high political circus with a rationality that goes deeper into our collective psyche than we would normally tolerate, lends a topical urgency to the analysis of America’s first principles. While we sit around wondering how a crass, venal and corrupt criminal could become president, Williamson nailed it with a reference to “a dark psychic force” that has invaded this country, riding a horse named Trump. That is another term for evil.

She is fulfilling the role of old time prophet, casting light into the rotting corners of America's soul. If her warnings and prescriptions are over our heads, if they run counter to our earthly interests, or even to our kitchen table social and economic theories, understand that she is expressing that which the great religions have all said about human failure and, by extension, bad governance. Rather than laugh at her and call her loony, we ought to see her presence on the debate stage as a sign that it’s time to insist that we re-establish our own humanity before we enter into a no-win game with a force bent on encouraging our self-destruction. Of course, she is not in the election process to win. But, she is a yardstick by which we may measure the follies and absurdities of the “serious” candidates, if we choose. Regardless of who wins, Williamson deserves to become America’s Oracle Laureate. 

Jay Moor