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“I just want to do the work.” Those are the words of Kathleen Williams; she means the work that it takes to be a problem-solver in Congress—not a grandstander, not a bystander, and least of all a blind loyalist to any leader.

Williams is painfully aware that many Montanans are “sick of politics,” and just want to be good citizens for their families and neighbors. But Williams’ long experience and informed humanity have shown her that we can’t afford to ignore our basic institutions and hope for the best.

For her, Politics and governance include the work needed to care for neighbors who live beyond your own nose. Her stalwart and constructive track record in this state put meat on those bones. Whether you “belong” to a political party or not, please overcome your fatigue with politics and vote on time for Williams, the most qualified candidate for the House of Representatives.                             

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Becky Weed