On Nov. 6, Montanans will have a choice for our lone U.S. House seat, unlike any before. And, the stakes could not be higher.

Kathleen Williams has a lifelong record of championing causes that benefit all citizens. She also respects the value of our public lands and will protect them now and for future generations.

Her opponent, Greg Gianforte, the wealthiest member in Congress, will continue to protect the interests of the ultra-wealthy, leaving the middle class to pick up the tab.

He believes there is no need to retire: Noah was 600 when he built the ark. No lounging around cashing Social Security checks.

Kathleen Williams has a broader, more realistic view of what many Montanans face with rising drug prices, health care coverage and cost of living increases. She will work to protect Social Security, Medicare and other essential programs that people work hard for their entire lives and need when they retire.

If you are in the moderate-income tax brackets, she will have your back and is worthy of your support.

Most importantly, vote, and encourage your friends and relatives to do the same. Elections matter.

Dorothy Filson