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Please google a recent Journal of the American Medical Association article:  Privileges and Immunity Certifications.

It discusses requiring “certification of immunity” to engage in privileges they define as “freedom of association, worship, work, education and travel.” It states there are no legal obstacles to these policies and assure us certifications will help us enjoy more “freedoms and privileges.”

We’re stewards of both the physical and the social/emotional environments we pass to future generations, so I was stunned to see what were categorized as privileges. Forget the “it" (virus) for a moment and consider the results:

• Officials have mandated what business we can patronize and what we can buy, how many people we can associate with even in our own homes, and what we can do including leaving home and working.

• Family gatherings for our most deeply personal experiences - births, burials and weddings - have been severely restricted.

• People are emboldened and rewarded for tattling on and demonizing others as ignorant and selfish if they question what’s going on and push back.

• Censorship is considered acceptable because people are posting ridiculous things. They always have, but post-virus (it) we are no longer deemed capable of choosing what we read, believe and say in public.

What if the “it” was an armed force. Would we accept these results? Decisions made from a single narrow focus with no regard for other factors and mixed with fear, uncertainty, and powerlessness are dangerous – ask Japanese Americans. There is so much more at stake here than safety or the perception of safety.

Will we be the generation who relinquishes personal freedoms that generations before us fought and died to protect? Will future generations be free, or subject to governments dictating under what circumstances they’ll be allowed to enjoy “privileges” deemed appropriate?

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Kay Van Norman