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What is wrong with Democrats? Why the senseless rage against Donald Trump?

Behaving like petulant children, they blame everything under the sun on the president. Instead, they should ask, “Why are we picking such poor candidates--Mrs. Clinton and, now, Mr. Biden?”

Mr. Trump may be a crude person sometimes. However, he does want what is best for his country. He was best qualified to lead the executive branch of government. In contrast, Mrs. Clinton as secretary of state was corrupt and incompetent. She took contributions for the Clinton Foundation from world leaders. She helped order the stand down in Libya—leaving Americans dead and property unprotected, attacked, looted and burned.

While watching Joe Biden speaking these days, we wonder if he is incompetent (sadly) because of his age. Is he corrupt? Maybe. We won’t find out if we rely on pro-Democrat “yes-men” in the Associated Press and CNN.

Skeptical? A pro-Democrat press? Try watching an hour of the Laura Ingraham show on Fox. She is a competent journalist/commentator. She asks hard questions.

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Joyce Lee