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To all Trump voters: What exactly were you voting for, when casting your ballot in 2020 (and 2016), for this individual?

What part of the Jan. 6 violence at the Capitol do you support, since it was incited by the very person you voted for? Did you not see this chaos and destruction coming during the past 4 years? Is this how you think a civilized country runs a democratic government? As a citizen of the US, is this the way you feel obligated to preserve and protect our democracy?

Sen. Daines and Rep. Rosendale, you are complete hypocrites. You had chosen to be part of the lawmakers planning to oppose the electoral count. News flash: this country had an election in November and the People of the United States have spoken by voting: Biden won, Trump lost — accept this.

Every single court dismissed the claims of voter fraud in this election. Nothing could have changed that outcome on Jan. 6, so what was your purpose to oppose the electoral vote count? You blatantly chose to ignore and reject your responsibility to the Constitution, and of the states to approve the rules of voting. Your resignations should be demanded, as you do not uphold Montana values for serving in office.

Hey Trump — the only "steal" that went on in this election, is your stealing the integrity of this United States, by your connection to your own fantasy of your inflated self-worth and importance. You are nothing but a self-centered, narcissistic infant, who lacked maturity, responsibility, and dedication to the job you were elected to do. Shame on you, and every single Republican who fell for your fantasies, lies, and non-reality for the past 4 years.

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Connie LeHocky