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I have to question the motives of those legislators bent on the invalidation of electors from several states in the confirmation process of the President-elect. Although the ballots in those states in question had been certified, after several counts by the states, as constitutionally-responsible, a good many senators and Congress-folk chose to follow the president’s claim of election deceit and fraud. Complicity between those legislators and President Trump in responsibility for the Capitol insurgency is beyond doubt.

I cannot question the sincerity of those misguided insurrectionists. After all, defense of country is a simple application of Second Amendment rights to patriotism. Misinformation flowing from a delusional President to his believing base, reinforced and enabled by political figures who should have known better, is generally referred to as lies. Certainly those enablers now need to shoulder a good portion of responsibility for the riot’s destruction.

This does not absolve those who physically perpetrated the assault in our nation’s capital. There needs to be some real punishment for the actual perpetrators and with more than the expected lip service by those who encouraged or fed the flames of insurrection. Sorry won’t do! As every politician worth the name knows, words matter. The tone of delivery and inflection are, as spice in food, lending greater meaning and power, in flavor.

I noticed that Montana’s Sen. Daines condemned the “demonstration” once the news showed the mob destruction. Montana Rep. Rosendale’s doubling-down after the destruction became apparent needs no further comment. Statements by both of our Republican delegates as to restoring the integrity and, therefore confidence, in the electoral process, brings to mind the “last refuge of scoundrels,” rather than true patriots.

Which interests of your Montana constituents have been served by fraudulent political accusations acted upon by foolish, true believers, resulting in destruction to our Capitol?

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Tim Crawford