Is anyone out there interested in helping Bozeman become more sustainable?

Would you help Valley of the Flowers Project get the word out about the positive sustainability work of BYO Bag for Change to help us grow a homespun sustainability movement for our town, state and nation as this program spreads to every store in Bozeman and beyond?

Can Montanans show that we know how to do the right thing when it comes to being the best stewards possible of our last best place? And that even small actions add up to make a big difference when everyone gets involved?

If one small local store, Heeb's, can raise thousands of dollars over the past four and a half years in 5-cent reusable bag refunds to benefit such local causes as recycling bins for schools and parks, community garden projects, solar panels for the Fork and Spoon, youth nature program scholarships and our latest BYO Bag for Change grant recipient ($500), the Warming Center, what would happen if every store in Bozeman got involved?

What if every store manager/owner/employee cared as much as Mitch and Sherri and all of the employees at Heeb's, and joined the BYO Bag for Change movement?

What if we all realized that our kids and grandkids are wondering what we will do to help stop the single-use habits creating so much pollution that it is toxifying the oceans, biomagnifying up the food chain, and becoming a component of human tissue, not to mention killing millions of marine and bird life yearly?

What if we all acted as if our every action mattered, and that is up to each of us to make a difference in every way we can?

Please ask for BYO Bag for Change wherever you shop and help change grow!

Wren Kilian