"To restore our country, Trump must be impeached" (Dan Lourie letter, Sept. 29). According to the locally lauded Mr. Lourie, our president is vile, misbegotten, immoral, a bigot, a racist, a liar, a criminal and corrupt.

So here are some of my adjectives addressed to Mr. Lourie. He is a belittler, scornful, and contemptuous of our duly elected president. His letters use congeries (piling up of words or phrases) and synathroesmus (piling up of adjectives) to trash talk Trump. Go look these up.

So what have Trump and the Republicans done for America? Reduced taxes, created jobs for all, got our economy moving again, provided energy security, reduced drug prices, brought VA accountability, motivated other countries to help support NATO financially, moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, trying to correct trade imbalances, and starting to build the wall.

And what have Mr. Lourie's Democrat socialists done for America since Trump's election? Investigate, smear, leak and denounce our president while offering no bipartisan support for infrastructure, health care improvement, or almost anything else. They singularly want to regain and increase their legislative, judicial and bureaucratic power at the local, state, and especially the national level. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the rule of law be damned.

Bill Pound