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What, might I ask, has happened to the Republican Party I grew up with? As a longtime Republican, I have seen some disturbing changes of great magnitude.

As a former poll volunteer, I see no reason to dispute the honesty and efficiency of our Election Departments, nationwide.

In an attempt to hear both sides, I have tuned to FOX news as well as CNN and others. A late evening diatribe rant on FOX “informed” me that those, not in the far Right fringe, adhere to the dictates of the Communist sector. Believe me I am most adamantly not a Communist, nor do I have Socialistic leanings. We have earned our Social Security payments plus the right to Medicare coverage.

I'm thoroughly disappointed in our state, one of the dozen that is still disputing the November election results. Could this be another ploy using our tax dollars for a costly and, unworthy venture? That vindictive phone call to Georgia election officials, was really the “frosting” on the cake, so to speak.

Common goals can be achieved, provided that all we try to respect and listen to each other. One-sided bloviation and Twitter rants only seek to divide and promote chaos.

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Leslie Egloff