Whatever happened to the Republican Party we once knew? Where did the good old GOP go? Where did those state’s rights and deficit hawks disappear to? How did this party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt lose its way?

I would submit the following for the demise of the GOP. Racism is more prevalent in the GOP than it is given credit for. Racism drew many away from the Democratic Party when LBJ signed the civil rights bill in 1964. The Democratic Party lost the southern states to the GOP at that time. Greed and self-interest are also to blame. These character flaws inside the Republican Party have been reinforced by gerrymandering since 2010, when the Republican Party redrew the state districts in states controlled by Republican legislatures. Gerrymandering has enabled Republican politicians to only concern themselves with their local constitutes and not worry about national issues. Republican politicians cater to the local voting base in their districts and do not concern themselves with national issues.

Donald Trump capsized the GOP when he was elected president in 2016. Trump winning the election was a combination of many factors coming together to create the perfect storm. This convergence of events will be analyzed and studied for many year by historians. They will study how he took over the Republican Party and branded it in his own image. Many books have been written, and more are being written, about Trump’s influence and impact on American politics.

The story of Trump and the Republican Party will also include the upcoming impeachment of the president. This will be a defining moment in the history of America and the Republican Party. Will the Grand Old Party survives as the party of Lincoln or the party of Trump. Which one would you be in favor of?

Jack Davis