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On Tuesday, July 21, on page two, we were treated to the Chronicle and the Associated Press characterizing the ongoing street conflicts in Portland as "mostly peaceful." Really? Do "mostly peaceful" protesters" set fires, hurl projectiles at law enforcement, shine lasers into their eyes and fire explosive devices at them?

In the same issue on the front page we were told the board of health meeting was postponed due to an "unruly crowd." Let's talk about that. The so-called unruly crowd made the effort to arrive early to a 7 a.m. meeting hoping to share their viewpoint on mandatory masking with the board of health. The meeting room was larger than a regulation basketball court yet only 100 chairs were set up because "social distancing." Everyone without a chair was asked to step outside.

It was obvious to the crowd that the room could safely accommodate many more people. Some people expressed their frustration, thus the "rude" and "unruly" description. Meanwhile violent protesters are typically referred to as "mostly peaceful." Think about it.

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Irwin Barr