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Crisis situations generally make all Americans draw closer through our shared experience and common ideals. We saw that after the events of 9/11 where the nation responded positively to the challenge we faced. However, this pandemic seems to present a different response, especially as regards the Bozeman Chronicle.

Recent political cartoons in the paper are definitely one-sided, politically and ideologically. It is evident that your editorial staff is taking the side of those who want to delay the opening of the economy indefinitely and denigrating those who are anxious to get back to work, pay bills and hope to keep their employees on the payroll. You may want to re-read the financial section of your Sunday paper where an article was titled, "A distinct possibility, temporary layoffs may be permanent."

The economic and personal hardship of this lockdown is coming down hard on primarily blue-collar, working-class people and business owners who don't have the advantage of working from home. Why don't you try to show a little empathy for those folks who are suffering terribly in this lockdown, who are out of a job, can't feed their family or pay their mortgage or rent? It appears there is a class divide.

Since the pandemic began the overclass has been in charge, scientists, doctors, political figures and consultants calling the shots for the average people. But this overclass has less skin in the game. The NIH scientist or the news anchor will not lose their livelihood in the process. There is a choice: Thousands could die and the economy goes down the tubes taking with it millions of economic casualties or, thousands could die and the economy still stands with fewer economic casualties, less bankruptcies and foreclosures. Most of us take the latter.

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Dr. Thomas Tursich