I was recently reading a piece about elk migrations adapting to our warming planet. Elk, sentient as they are, have no option in adapting to climate change wrought by their human co-habitants. Our human accommodation to a changing climate of our own making is unnecessary and therefore unacceptable when viewed clearly. This is truly amazing in a society which has a general abhorrence of suicide no matter however achieved.

Not long ago my wife and I traveled to Lewistown, Montana, to help sort out the effects of a very old and beloved friend who had recently checked himself out. I shall not go into details save that he was a very talented artist and avid fly fisherman. Due to advanced macular degeneration he could no longer draw or paint, nor tie flies on to fish. He exercised what control remained to deal with circumstances beyond his tolerance. Whatever your attitude about suicide, his could not be less like our ultimately destructive acceptance of a warming climate, which with resolve we can abate.

Perhaps as the historical leader in the contribution of greenhouse gasses to the global atmosphere, our setting an example in economic conversion from an extractive fossil fuel-based system to a dynamic renewable one might just resonate throughout the world.

Political change as shown by the House of Representatives 2018 elections can wrest future government decisions from those controlled by the fossil fuel conglomerate. In the words of Franklin Roosevelt, “All we have to fear is fear itself.” Oh, and ultimately extermination. Education and determination are the key elements for survival in a world hopefully not lost, but made better through our electoral courage.

Are we afraid to set an example of a brave new economy for the rest of the globe?

Tim Crawford