Voter Revolt? All you politicians in Montana need to wake up to the fact that you can't continue to place the burden of your pipe dreams, needs, and wishes on us property owners no matter how important the need may be. Good luck Gallatin County officials placing the Law and Justice Center again on another ballot. It was pointed out recently by another letter to the editor participant that the cost per square foot of the new proposed Gallatin County center is $503 per a square foot. That is a huge amount and is $141/sf more than the $362/sf than the new center in Bozeman. 

Why so much more for basically the same needs and requirements? To put into further context the new Montage Resort at Big Sky - to be under construction soon - is $800/sf, which is understandable given it is a luxury resort. I know what those finishes are given I was on the construction team that built the Montage Beverly Hills resort years ago.

We do not need a luxury law and justice center. What we need is property tax relief for property owners. Time for a state sales tax?

Pete Oakander