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Trump isn’t responsible for the Covid-19 virus. But he is responsible for the way he’s handled it. He had a couple months notice that the virus was coming. Yet today he’s still is scrambling to provide enough test kits. His recent statement that there are plenty of test kits and everyone can get a test was just a lie, pure and simple. But even his ardent supporters already know he lies all the time.

He tweets and gives interviews where he touts himself a “having an instinct for these things” and then offers erroneous and even dangerous advice about the virus risks and how people should behave, advice that is directly at odds with information coming from medical experts. Recently he said he didn’t want the virus infected cruise ship docking in the U.S. because the numbers of sick and possibly dead would add to the U.S. numbers, making him look bad.

While Pence was off meeting with experts and manufacturers of testing materials Trump was at his Florida resort playing golf. When the country needed reassurance that the government has its act together, Trump banned travel from Europe, ignoring the reality that the virus already is here, the ban won’t slow it down. His recent speech only fueled the sense of panic on Wall Street.

Leadership means stepping up and putting the country ahead of personal gain or image. On this Trump has failed miserably. Fortunately this is just a pandemic crisis. What if Trump had to handle an escalating military confrontation with Russia or China? When will Trumps supporters finally accept that he is incompetent, of low intelligence and morals, only cares about himself and is a danger to the country?

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Swep Davis