I was a proud member of President Reagan’s Republican Senatorial Committee. The waves of mass murder in our country are similar to the domestic terrorism the people of Iraq once suffered. I now see no alternative. Trump’s Republican Party must be completely voted out of power in 2020. And we build a coalition among Republicans and Democrats to govern around these organizing principles:

• Over-arching commitment to greater wealth generating economic development.

• Restoring military superiority with the mission to secure and maintain peace.

• Restoring fiscal discipline.

• Common-sense gun reform with universal background checks.

• Defeating domestic terrorism through mental health, law enforcement and educational interventions, with the cooperation of the entertainment industry.

• Tax policy that addresses wealth centralization.

• Health care reform that adds a means test to Medicare. (Higher income seniors would pay more out-of-pocket or through supplemental insurance. With most elderly persons paying more for health care, rational choices for end-of-life care would reduce heroic medical interventions. Seniors would be empowered to shift health resources to their young families. Hospitals/health systems would be freed to lower private insurance costs for younger people. More younger people could afford good coverage through private insurance. The best, most accessible, health care would shift to the younger population.)

• Addressing Social Security insolvency with the proven actuarial tools of the investment industry to further incentivize individuals to choose later retirement age and address automatic indexing for inflation.

• Addressing the current man-made climate crisis by properly managing atmospheric greenhouse gasses and securing a dominate position for American industry in renewable energy systems. (Perfecting such a system could be the key to eliminating the extremes of long-term natural cycles of "ice ages" and "warm periods" known as "glacial" and "interglacial" periods initiated by Earth’s orbital and axial variations.) 

• Advancing global free-market competition.

• Taking a leadership position to eliminate extreme poverty in the world.

John A. Noreika