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This year is making us a little nutty. The corona, an election year, and lots of chaos. But if we do not keep things in perspective it will not get better anytime soon.

We cannot allow violence and lawlessness because it happened on our “side.” We cannot excuse bad behavior because we “like” someone. Most laws come from what the people demand. Contrary to some of your beliefs we do not live in a kingdom where one person decides for everyone. When laws are put into place you either follow or suffer the consequence.

When a law is deemed unnecessary you get rid of it. There is not an excuse for anyone to destroy property, beat people up, kill them, surround them in their vehicle and start beating on it, throwing fireworks in a horse trailer while there are horses in it. I think you get what I am saying.

I recently heard after the George Floyd tragedy “silence is violence.” Well, that needs to apply to everything. Pretending something is not happening is not going to make things better. It does not matter who is elected president in November; if we do not get involved and start acting better as people, nothing will change.

And for those of you who blame everything on Trump, what happened to personal responsibility? I could act like a complete jerk about 30 times a day, but I do not, because I hold myself to a standard. I think we all need to look at our standards and decide how we want our community and country to look.

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Liz Benson