Having lived in this valley since 1988, and raised my children here, I consider the work of the Bozeman City Commission important to the quality of life in this region. Good decisions about trails, clean air and water, land use, building permits and the like help keep Bozeman livable and beautiful.

I have known Michael Wallner for six years and have discussed various aspects of his career with him at several points during that time. He has acquired both the experience and education appropriate to his candidacy as one of the next Bozeman city commissioners, including his service as special advisor to the mayor of Bozeman. One of the main reasons he would be an excellent candidate is that he is a good listener. He is intelligent, well-spoken, amiable and positive.

Michael is not only a hard worker, but a smart worker. He is well organized, thoughtful, and cognizant of the diverse opinions held by his fellow Bozeman residents. His many volunteer efforts demonstrate his commitment to helping out, and serving the local community.

I hope you will join me in supporting Michael Wallner for the Bozeman city commission in November.

Gregory Young