As special advisor to the former mayor and current deputy mayor, Wallner has been on the frontlines of city debates about exploding population growth and skyrocketing costs of living. He knows these issues inside and out.

As the former chair of the Board of Historic Preservation and an avid outdoorsman and conservationist, I know Michael will fight to preserve the unique character of our city and prioritize access to open space, greenery, bike-able streets, and the great outdoors. Most importantly, he will fight for affordability so we working people can continue to enjoy the fruits of our mountain city.

As president of the Harvest Creek planning and HOA board, a westside neighborhood, Wallner knows the challenges of new growth firsthand. He is no stranger to congested traffic, narrow streets, no bike-lanes, poorly planned developments, late snow plowing and feeling ignored by city government. He will advocate to remedy these problems and prevent them going forward.

He is a proponent of developing pedestrian accessible small business nodes on the west and south side, modeled after downtown. This would create shops and restaurants west-siders and south-siders could walk to, which would alleviate traffic pressure on 19th, Seventh and downtown. This is smart growth!

I was frustrated by the huge backlog, wait-time and bureaucratic headaches when I applied for permits from the city. Wallner is an effective leader who will make changes and improve efficiency. He is an expert at balancing quality of life and economic growth.

Wallner deeply values public input; he will hear and advocate for us citizens. He is the sensible leader we need to preserve our special city, prevent crises and headaches, and plan and grow responsibly into the future. Join me in endorsing Wallner for City Commission!

Carter Wilkinson