My name is Mike Hope and I have lived in Bozeman since 1981. I have been honored and humbled to have owned successful businesses in downtown Bozeman and throughout the community. I have been a major advocate in the community for downtown businesses, local governments, and collaborative partnerships to benefit our community.

Michael Wallner has worked for government agencies at the local, state and federal level of government. He worked for the city of Boise and Boise State University in a joint economic development and policy advisor position. He also worked in several different positions for the sState of Montana, and currently works at TechLink, a United States Department of Defense Partnership Intermediary in Bozeman.

Wallner has volunteered in over a dozen community service positions during the last 13 years, and has a master’s and PhD in public policy and administration. The most important aspect of Wallner’s campaign is he understands the Bozeman community and wants to do what is best for our citizens. He recognizes that collaboration and compromise are important for our future, as we are the fastest growing micropolitan in the nation.

Even though Wallner has extensive experience with government agencies, he grew up with parents that were small business owners and had a cattle ranch. They understand private sector interactions with local and state government agencies. Furthermore, in Wallner’s current position at TechLink, he oversees the economic research team and helps thousands of small businesses across the country develop, enhance, and track advanced research and development for the U. S. Department of Defense. Wallner is the most experienced, educated, and community service oriented of all the candidates running.

Michael Wallner has my full endorsement to help lead our City of Bozeman Commission.

Mike Hope