I have 25 years of experience in local government. I spent 14 years as a Gallatin County commissioner, followed by 10 years providing research, training and technical assistance to city and county officials across Montana. I have a deep appreciation of the importance of local government and I understand the difficult challenges local officials’ experience. Decisions they make affect every citizen, and either improve our quality of life or damage it.

I am most enthusiastic about endorsing candidate Michael Wallner for election to the city commission. He is the most qualified candidate I have ever seen because of his extensive education in public policy, his demonstrated performance as an active engaged citizen and his clearly stated priorities – affordable housing, quality of life, tax relief and gender equality. His endorsements include the gamut of Bozeman’s population – young and old, educators, businesspeople, numerous former city officials, and people with diverse perspectives. His stated goals include keeping Bozeman accessible for mixed income residents and enhancing rental and starter homes.

I am going to vote for Michael Wallner and I hope you will too. 

Jane Jelinski