The upcoming Bozeman City Commission election has brought forth three candidates, and I think it speaks highly of our town to inspire such willingness to serve. While they all enjoy my deep respect for stepping forward to share their visions for a better Bozeman, it’s Michael Wallner that I hope you’ll join me in supporting come Election Day.

I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Wallner at MSU’s TechLink Center for a couple of years now and he continually impresses at every opportunity. His list of academic, professional, and community service credentials is unrivaled in the current field of candidates, and of course I would strongly encourage everyone to visit his campaign website ( to learn more about this extraordinary individual and his policy priorities. But a webpage can only tell you so much, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him personally, then you might miss what I feel is one of his greatest strengths.

Wallner displays the humility of one who is sincerely focused on identifying the best solutions in order to yield the best outcomes for our community. He is an “evidence-based” leader who actively invites constructive criticism and new data to inform his position on a given issue. Suffice it to say that I’m not endorsing Wallner because I believe his votes will necessarily align with my particular interests; rather, it’s my confidence in his personal integrity to pursue those policies which, following an honest and careful consideration of all the available information and viewpoints, will reflect the best interests of Bozeman as a whole. Facing inevitable continued growth, Wallner is the type of city commissioner Bozeman needs as we strive to preserve the quality of life that has made this town such a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

Quinton King