At his invitation, I recently had a lengthy discussion with Bozeman City Commission candidate Michael Wallner. I had known of some of his community involvement through several well-informed individuals in the community.

His resume, I found indeed deep and broad, placing him at a level of qualification as high as anyone I have known in the community. However, to serve well, a commissioner needs the personal skills to work successfully with all types of constituents and personnel at multiple levels of governance. In this regard, it is my judgement, that Michael Wallner does have this well-rounded balance in character, experience and ability to serve the community well on the Bozeman City Commission.

At this critical time in Bozeman's development, we need commissioners, who are well prepared for the immediate difficult decisions before us. Michael Wallner comes to us well informed, ready and able to serve well. Please support him in the upcoming city election.

Bob Hawks