We’ve known Michael Wallner for over 11 years. He’s our neighbor. He’s worked hard to finish a master’s and Ph.D. in public policy and administration. While attending university he worked and volunteered in many public service roles such as chair of the Bozeman Historic Preservation Board, special advisor to the mayor and deputy mayor of Bozeman, president of Harvest Creek Homeowners Association, and economic advisor at Boise State University and city of Boise.

He has also worked in numerous private sector positions. Based on his education, experience and service, Michael is eminently qualified to hold the position of Bozeman city commissioner. He stands above other candidates, a wonderful neighbor and community member.

As his neighbors and friends, we can best speak about his personal qualifications. Michael is intelligent and hard working. Personally he is caring, thoughtful, and respectful of other people and their ideas. He is honest and dependable, and has tremendous integrity. He would do anything for us if we needed help and we would reciprocate. The true measure of a person is the values they hold, and their willingness to help neighbors. Michael frequently has our sidewalk shoveled before we are ready for the day. When we beat him to it, we take care of his and that of others, as we are a community-oriented neighborhood.

We share the bounties of nature with Michael and his partner Erica Schnee. Michael provides elk steaks and Minnesota wild rice. We share huckleberries and morels when we have them. We are grateful to have Michael as our friend and neighbor. He is a good citizen of the community, giving back to it in many ways. What better person than Michael Wallner to serve as Bozeman city commissionor.

Parmer and Mary VanFleet