My wife Jane and I have lived in Bozeman since 1973. It’s a special pleasure to support candidate Michael Wallner for the Bozeman City Commission.

Wallner has an impressive record of public service, which includes serving as chair of the Historic Preservation Board, special advisor to former Mayor Carson Taylor, special advisor to Deputy Mayor Chris Mehl, and over 10 more community service positions. He has both a master’s and PhD in public policy and administration, and has worked for government agencies at the local, state, and federal level of government.

I appreciate that his four highest priorities for Bozeman are: 1.) Affordable housing 2.) Preserving our high quality of life 3.) Property tax relief and 4.) Gender equity and equal pay for women and minorities.

Wallner stands steadfastly for our historic neighborhoods that have been threatened by the insatiable march of multi-storied buildings with unaffordable purchase prices, while recognizing that Bozeman is growing and density and affordability are needed for our future generations. Wallner is an excellent listener and clearly respects and understands the needs of ordinary citizens who value community, and the preservation of our ability to remain in this rapidly changing and rapidly growing city. I will vote for Michael Wallner and I hope you will too!

Jack Jelinski