As a young professional in Bozeman, I understand the importance of strong leadership in community positions. Michael Wallner has worked for government agencies at the local, state and federal level. Wallner has volunteered in over a dozen community service positions, and Wallner has a master’s and PhD in public policy and administration. Wallner believes in using a comparative approach for understanding how other local governments across the United States have solved similar problems Bozeman faces.

Wallner is running on “preserving Bozeman’s high quality of life.” Wallner wants to create new neighborhoods that are similar to past neighborhoods that make Bozeman unique. Wallner also wants to fully support our parks, bike lanes, trails, clean water, conservation efforts, and recreation areas. Wallner fully supports renewable energy efforts to ensure we have a sustainable future.

Most importantly, Wallner authored a comprehensive comparative municipal tax report, reviewing revenues and tax structures of twelve municipalities in the west that are similar to Bozeman. He fully supports a “tourist tax” to provide property tax relief for our Bozeman citizens. Wallner is testifying before the Montana Legislature in November to find creative ways to provide property tax relief for our community.

Wallner understands the affordable housing crisis that seniors, working families, and students are facing in the Bozeman area. As a homeowner himself, he understands the process and significant cost of owning a home in Bozeman. Wallner understands that it’s going to take a combination of incentives, government funding, regulatory relief, invisible zoning, and working with community partners to mitigate our affordable housing crisis.

Wallner’s partner, Erica Schnee was born and raised in Bozeman. Schnee will be principal of our new Gallatin High School, and both Wallner and Schnee are excellent leaders in our community.

Sasha Burgard