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President Trump may be signaling his intent to carry out a coup d’état in the fall by laying the groundwork for a disputed election, leading to a civil and constitutional crisis. Think this is nuts?


1) He is sending out newly created federal troops to major cities in the U.S. where protests are underway to test drive federal forces against protesters.

2) He has continued to pander to his base, at the cost of suburban support, which includes right wing militia groups and others that could support him in case of a constitutional crisis. He can’t win the election without suburban support.

3) He has announced that he will not necessarily accept the results of the U.S. presidential election

4) He has moved the Secret Service under direct command of the president of the United States.

How could an attempted coup play out in our great democracy?

1) Homeland Security through armed federal marshalls and customs officers are prepositioned prior to the election across the U.S. with riot gear in major cities.

2) President Trump loses the election and disputes the results as fraudulent, refusing to leave the White House and protected by his Secret Service.

3) Protests erupt and federal agents with police and national guardsmen seek to quell the protests, leading to rioting and civil disorder. Assistance from right wing militia is encouraged over social media (TWEET).

4) President Trump declares a state of emergency and takes emergency powers, while trying to leverage help from the U.S. military in the wake of a civil and constitutional crisis, all self-created.

It’s a classic strategy for a coup. Probably from his buddy in Moscow, who after two decades can now serve another 18 years. If you think this is whack, wake up! 

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Dan Swanson