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Steve Daines’ habit of promising one thing to Montanans, then voting differently in D.C., is tiresome. Daines repeatedly placates moderates while voting with his extreme base.

Hopefully Montanans are catching onto his routine lies and hold him accountable for how he votes rather than what he says.

A blatant example is his ad expressing strong support for health care insurance for Montanans while failing to mention Daines long-standing efforts in gutting the Affordable Care Act, stripping away health care for hundreds of thousands of Montanans with pre-existing conditions.

Daines says he favors protecting your health care, your public lands and your public education—the reality is Daines doesn’t stand for these essential Montanan values at all. Daines lies and tries to continuously take credit for the hard work of our other senator. Montanans should not put up with Daines’ doublespeak any longer. Cast your vote in November for your health care. For your public lands. For public education.

Vote Bullock, who has tirelessly fought for protecting Montanans with pre-existing conditions, Medicaid expansion, education and public lands. You may prefer Daines for the way he votes but do not be deceived by what he says.

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Rachel Vaughn